Alarm system

Hi there,

Not new to vera but still very much learning. I’m ready to take my home security to the next level and install a dedicated alarm system. I’ve had a look on here to see what the best one would be that will integrate with vera however most of the threads seem to be 3+ years old. Is the DSC panel still the one to buy? If so, could anyone help me with a UK supplier as they seem to be a bit hard to find over here!


I bought a local, supported (Italy) alarm panel, and asked the installer to provide 3 outputs to signal different status (night mode, away mode, siren on). Then, I installed two Fibaro Universal Sensors and mapped them to logical status with a couple of scenes plus some LUA code. I can turn light OFF when leaving, set night mode and close roller shutters, etc. I can turn sprinklers ON when the siren in ON and all the lights in the house (if it’s night) and so on.

I think it’s better to have the two systems completely segregated and prevent the Vera from influencing the alarm panel. I prefer to use the alarm’s key to insert/remove the alarm and drive automation with my Vera.

Glad to see you are taking home security seriously and not trusting it to some company that may not be here tomorrow.
In my opinion, DSC is the system to go with but not only because I sell and install them, but because I use them in my own home and they work great with Vera via the Envisalink network adapter.
Here is a previous topic on where to get them in the UK. Hopefully these sellers are still in business.

Good luck with your new DSC system.