Alarm System Integration - Vista128

This is my next step I believe… installing and integrating a Vista128BPT.

First, why that panel? Well, I own one. I work for a company that does sell Honeywell, Interlogix, DSC, etc… but Honeywell equipment is one of our bigger selling components and we get very large discounts. Add on to that the fact that I can see when things go on steep discount at our distributor, I got a vista fast pack for next to nothing. If I need parts, I have access to a huge warehouse full at work.

I’ve seen people recommend a couple ways of integrating, but from my reading, the AD2USB is the way to go. If anyone disagrees could you let me know?

Once integrated my main question is… will each point be a monitorable point in Vera? Say I hook up all my motions, DPS, and a few ancillary points on the Vista polling loop, some addressable and some on 4193SN modules. Can I then use one of those motions as a trigger in a Vera scene? Can I use the controllable outputs of the Vista as outputs fro a Vera scene?

I have a very specific set of scenes I want to build as soon as I get the Vista up and running, but it only will work if each point is seen individually. If Vera only sees armed/disarmed or alarm/trouble type signals it doesnt do me much good to go to the effort. If you can see each point, can someone attach a screenshot of what it looks like in the dashboard? I’m wondering if they look like the Z-Wave sensors I already have in the system or if it is different.

If it works the way I want it to, my next step after that is to finally figure out how to PLEG. I’ve owned a license for a while and have not figured out the first bit of how to make it do anything. I will need it for the logic I want to accomplish. One example of the logic I want to build is:
A weight sensor pad in my toddler’s bed, a door sensor on her bedroom door, and house modes all working together to control other Vera functions.
If the house is in Night Mode and her door is closed, arm the bed sensor. If her bed sensor becomes unoccupied and her door opens while still in night mode, turn on the master bedroom light, master hall light, and send notification to our phones.

My daughter is only 17 months old, but already over 3’ tall and quite strong. She can open doors, even with babyproofing knobs on them, and has been known to unlock deadbolts now too. She has the ability to do things without the maturity to understand why she shouldnt. I dont want her being able to get to the front door before we are woken up if she tries.

I have this panel as well and a AD2USB i am not using. I would like to know your progress. I gave up on it and went to Total Connect service until I could have some direction.