Alarm State Messages Exposed to PLEG

I’ve searched the forum but don’t see any reference so …

I’ve looked in the docs on MiOS and has messages to Arm/Disarm the system, not the alarm state output messages. Is there a concise list of DCS Alarm State messages that are exposed and available to PLEG for testing. For example when the Alarm is BREACHED the device variable “Alarm” contains “Active”. I’m looking specifically for the messages that are exposed when the alarm is armed and the “Exit Delay” and “Exit Delay” are active. I could arm/disarm/trip the alarm N times I suppose but I thought I’d try here first to avoid disturbing the neighbors :slight_smile:


I just checked mine and it shows as ExitDelay under detailed armed mode when the alarm is beeping prior to arming.

Thanks, appreciate it. I wasn’t certain it was even exposed.