Alarm Panel Integration

I?ve sold my house and am leaving an old Vera 2 that is integrated with a vista 20p alarm panel. The system has worked very well for quite a few years.

I will probably get another Honeywell alarm panel because I can get a keypad that has voice alerts on it (the keypad will say, ?alarm, front door!? I used the integration to run a scene that turned on all the lights in the house if an alarm was triggered.

When I go to the site where I originally loaded the ad2usb plugin, it looks like support stops at UI5.

I really haven?t had to touch my old Vera and alarm panel for years, they just worked (Kudos to Vera!)

With buying a new house, I?ll be going back into active mode with Vera tinkering. I will be purchasing a Vera Plus or Vera Secure.

What are my current alarm panel integration options? Most of the thread posts are several years old and I cannot locate any of the actual plugins.

Any recommendations, advice, or just pointing me to links I?ve missed would be greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to diving back into Vera in my new house.

Thank you,


Sorry not much time to address you completely here but I sell DSC and use Vera with the DSC add on.
Works great and I have lots of tutorials and guides to help you.

BTW, Vera’s geofencing and a DSC system allows your Vera to arm and disarm the systems automatically. Cutting edge and a 10 on the cool factor.
Please ask if you have any questions.