AirSight PTZ Pro Wireless outdoor Camera or other suggestions

Hello all,

I am in need of a camera system that has good picture quality day and night works with Vera 3 and allows motion triggered events so the camera can automatically send picture and or video upon motion. I stumbed accross a product at, AirSightTM PTZ Pro wireless Ip camera that seems interesting. Does anyone know if it can work with Vera 3 or have suggestions of a similar camera with a weatherproof enclosure that would fit my needs? Also I would like the ability to view the camera feeds via my televisions in the home, what products might I need to achieve this?

Here is the link

I think you could have a look whether it is possible to connect the alarm pins to a door/window sensor. If the alarm pins of the camera can make a connection (relay) you could wire it parallel to the reed switch of the Aeon labs DW sensor. This would trigger Vera scene’s.

I’d bet most of these lookalike chinese cameras come out of the same factory (foscam, X10), so the guts are probably the same. The difference is the firmware/web UI. I’ve been happy with third-party support for Foscam/Agasio.

I have 2 foscam/agasio outdoor fixed cams, and 2 indoor ptz. I use Blue Iris for Windows and it is great (just need Vera plugin). They are all viewable/controllable from Vera’s UI with the plugin.

That said, my next outdoor PTZ will be this one:

$200 and probably the same as the X10 Airsight, but it is Foscam/Agasio standard.

The X10 AirSight IP camera and Esky C5900 H.264 IP cameras look to have the same features as the Foscam FI8608 H.264 format cameras.

Will the H.264 compression format cameras work with Vera3 UI5 or only the MJPEG format cameras?

Intrepid, did you purchase the PTZ Agasio? How do you like it?