Airplay via Airport Express or Apple TV

I have one sonos speaker in my house, but more Airplay enabled speakers (via Airport Express and Apple TV). Is there any programming going on to make this solution work like the Sonos one. I would like to have the same TTS capabilities in scenes for Airplay speakers in the house. Would be nice and the Airplay code should be available as other pieces of non-Apple open ource software that use the Airplay protocol. f.e.

This should be very possible. I’ve thrown together a couple of device files to use the AirControl protocol of a jailbroken ATV2, described here:,11157.msg102789.html#msg102789
where there’s a reference to showing how (in Perl) to play files on an out-of-the-box ATV using HTTP POST/GET requests.

I’ll move it further up my “to do” list!

Great! 8)


complementing the idea, I think air port express has a port to plug a speaker…Would be interesting to can a file in that air port express speaker.

apple tv has a hdmi output and will require a receiver to connect this cable and the receiver must be turned on and in the correct port to play.

maybe only a line in luup to send one command to airport express port to play something would be a good way to start,

sorry if I am going in another direction of the post.

thanks !

Agree. One of the major issues I have with Vera is how to get “output” from it. I rather not invest in a Sonos since I already have Airplay and don’t want to complicate things for the family, or me.

So my hope goes to Akbooer!


I’ll move it even further up the list…

…but it recently got bumped by Netatmo.

I’m thinking out loud now… “I already have a Airplay infrastructure and don’t want to invest in a Sonos. How can I contribute to speed up the process of interact with airplay? What will a Sonos set me back?”

@akbooer: Are you open to suggestion?


I’m open to any suggestions, but a bit saturated by having too much fun with Netatmo at the moment :wink:

I am not an HTTP expert at all. If you are, or know one, then some useful discussion could be had about the reference as to how to do it that I made in a post long ago here. Seems to require an MP4 file, but these can be made audio-only (MPA) and would, I hope, work.

I’m a bit unsure as to how to construct the right HTTP headers that the ATV needs, as per that post.

Like you, I don’t want to buy a Sonos.

Hey hoping to bring this topic back to life as i’m airplay invested too,

I saw that smarthings video at CES where the homeowner enter the kitchen in the morning and the sonos speaker welcomes him, advises on the weather etc and turns on NPR.

Just wondering if that would be possible with z-wave and an airplay speaker (or airport express connected to an amp that’s connected to a speaker)


So, I found a product called AirFoil that you can install in your mac and broadcast all of your system sounds (Including Text to Speech, TTS). It works brilliantly and you can select from the standard voice options within mac. It supports other speakers, like mobile phones, etc…

I am able to with an SSH command, instruct my mac (using the ‘say’ command) to speak over any/all of my airplay devices (airport express, iPad, iPhone, and AppleTV).

Where I need help to make this work using alerts. I need help to set up an SSH connection between vera and my mac such that I can just parse out the commands (ssh admin@ “say Garage Door Opened”) without having to deal with the passkey stuff each time I want to perform the say command. I am hopeful that mac keychain can be used for this, but I have to say, this is not my area of expertise.

Can anyone out there provide some assistance on making this SSH connection so that I (and possibly other forum mac users) may enter the age of TTS along with the Sonos folks and not have to actually buy Sonos.

I did this… SSH Vera to linux, no login needed and you can run a shell command etc… , Will work on a mac also.,11663.0.html

thanks Jim, I’ll try it.

it looks easier than I thought it would be.