Air Conditioning integration

I’m going to buy 4 AC units for my house.They’re single split.
One in the kitchen, one in the living room, one in the master room and one in the kids room.
My idea is to have them turning on and off trigerred by the multisensor 6 in 1 depending on the room temperature.

I thought buying the Remotec ZXT-120. Problem is i’m going to need 4 of them.

Is there another way?

You want to get 4 Thermostats!!!
They can be Z-Wave or WiFi … or a mixture …
The Z-Wave ones work just fine.
You can use Vera to adjust a thermostat in a room that has no activity.

You want Vera to ONLY set the setpoints … not actually turn the units on and off …
You (and your family) will be very disappointed if your try let Vera control these directly.

Thanks for the answer.
So, the thermostats will replace the remotec, correct?
What do you mean by setting only the setpoints?


I did not know these were IR only for control … If they support an external thermostat … then that’s how I would set it up.

The thermostats will control the temperature of the house without the need of Vera.

But Vera will set the thermostat setpoints (Temperature settings) on the thermostats, such that it is both comfortable for the family and energy efficient when you are not home, or not using a part of the house.

it does not support. So i’m stuck to zxt-120.
Other solution is having another type of controler, like the Orvibo, Momit or a few others that opperate by wi-fi.

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