After upgrade to 1.7.902 cannot program CT100 temperature via scenes

Hi -

I upgraded to 1.7.902 last night, and now I am unable to adjust the temperature of my CT100 by using scenes. It appears to allow me to turn the heat on/off, but not adjust temp. The thermostat icon shows the up/down buttons but they don’t seem to do anything when pressed. Nothing I do seems to allow me to adjust temperature this way.

I am able to adjust the temp when interacting with the normal thermostat widget, just not through scenes.

Any help appreciated.


Hmm… I just went and checked my scenes and sure enough I’m seeing the same thing.

I’m also not able to get the FAU fan to turn off on one of my Thermostats too and I’m sure the motor will burn out before I find a solution to that one.

I have the same problem here (though I’m running firmware 1.7.2414). I’m a new user, but lucky for me I’ve done enough searching to see that I can manually set values using the Advanced Editor section in the scene maker. Since I’m a noob, I have no idea. Do the corporate overlords visit these forums and notice when large numbers of users complain about the same thing?

I’m on 1.7.2414 too. Just updated last week. Good thing I programmed the thermostat before then but I do have some tweaks to do…

Where are you finding this alternate place to program it with a scene, BTW?

You can do it with luup. I have TempUp and TempDown scenes I trigger with a minimote. Example that shifts the target temp up by 3 is below.

Replace the device id with your thermostat and adjust the new-set variable logic for your purposes. You can use a fixed value and get rid of the target-temp bits.

local device=44

local target_temp =luup.variable_get(“urn:upnp-org:serviceId:TemperatureSetpoint1”,“CurrentSetpoint”, device)

local new_set= target_temp +3

“SetCurrentSetpoint”, {NewCurrentSetpoint = new_set},

Thanks for the code, kigmatzomat. I figured if there wasn’t a simple solution I’d have to poke around for the luup code to set it by hand. You saved me a step.

As bunnylover said above, you can manage the setpoint and other settings through the advanced editor in the third step of configuring the scene. Note there are separate setpoints for heat and cool.
You would think you could set the setpoint in the GUI but apparently not. After looking at the options in the Advanced editor it starts to make sense that not all of those options can easily be worked into the GUI.

True but for the set points they only need to show 3 temps: current, max allowed temp (aka cool point) and min allowed temp (aka heat point). For people using the single target temp, hide one of those and change the label.

Do we know anything about when this will be fixed. At present I am unable to create any scenes that change the CT100 temperature setting. Can I go back to a previous firmware version? It’s cold here and I need to change some scenes.

This seems to me to be a rather serious bug.

Not only this, One of my CT100’s is acting very strangely. I picked up used on eBay and maybe it was jacked beforehand but I cannot get the FAU fan to turn off except when the firebox is heating for HEAT mode and it seems to randomly switch to AC mode in the middle of the night. Is there some sort of log I can access to see what’s going on with it?


You need to install the data mine app and have a USB stick installed for storage. Then you can set up watches on device properties to monitor over time.

The problem is the same with Eurotronic Comet. My version is now 1.7.2414 and the control via Scenes is impossible ! Changing for a new controller is hunder reflexion if it could save time.

There s a problem somewhere in the UI, but it’s possible to set the current target temperature for both heat and cool using some simple Luup code. See my post at [url=,28943.msg311675.html#msg311675],28943.msg311675.html#msg311675[/url] for details.

+1 using advanced editor. Also mostly using PLEG which is working fine. The PLEG setting is much like the advanced editor. Also same issue on my Honeywell thermo.