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Has anyone been able to get the Aeotec Water Sensor 7 Pro to work with the Vera Plus? I pair it. I see a Temperature sensor that appears to show the correct temperature and a humidity sensor that also appears to be accurate. The actual water sensor has an On/Off switch that doesn’t appear to work. The unit always shows in the Off stage. I have the device notification set to notify me when it detects water. The Vera sees it and sends me a notification properly when it detects water.

Here is my problem. I want it to set off a siren when it detects water. I set up a Scene but the scene’s only option is to detect when the Device is On or Off. I tried detecting both and am not able to trigger it. Has anyone been able to get this to work?

On a side note,
I also appear to have another temperature sensor that showed up that isn’t showing the actual temperature. I don’t remember seeing it before. This may be user error on my part. I may try deleting some devices and see if any of those have a temperature sensor built in. Did anyone else have two temperature sensors show up in case one is actually a water sensor mislabeled.

I dont bother using Scenes on the Vera Plus. Instead I am using the Reactor (Reactor) module by @rigpapa to trigger actions when using sensors. I have a Dome water valve controllable via Zwave and this has an action to auto-close when an Aeotec Water Sensor trips. It worked like the 2nd day I had it installed, when a ‘leak’ was detected due to high humidity in my laundry room (since the air out take pipe had become loose) - turned off the water valve. Hope this helps to steer you done the right route…

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I cannot help you. I am using the Fibaro FGFS-101 Gen5 Flood sensors. And these seem to work fine in that they detect water and send a message in a Vera scene to shut off my Fortrezz Water valve. They also have temperature sensor and tamper sensors, and I can use the temperature sensors to notify me when the temperature where they are located gets above or below a certain temperature. I know this doesn’t help you too much but does indicate that a Vera scene can handle input from a flood sensor and use it to carry out another function (sound a siren or shut off the water).

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Thank you. I was hoping it was something really simple but using Reactor sounds pretty cool.

Thank you for the suggestion. The Fibaro looks pretty nice. I ignorantly assumes that since I had the Aeotec siren working, this would be a good fit.

I have 8 of the Fibaro flood sensors included in my Vera Plus controlled system. They have all been tested with water and they do work in a scene to shut off my Fortrezz z wave water valve. Obviously, there are other water valves on the market (Ezlo now sells one, despite the fact that they purchased Fortrezz). I was worried when I purchased the battery-operated flood sensors that they would run through batteries quickly but that hasn’t been the case. The batteries have continued to work for more than a year. This was a concern since this is in a winter home in AZ (though I turn off the water when we are out of town). At any rate, I hope this helps solve your problem.

Have you seen the following note from Aeotec on the setup required?

Let me know how it works out, if you’ve already got the device, I’m looking for a new flood sensor with lead, and this looks ideal!


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I never thought to look on Aeotec’s web site. Duh. Thanks. I should have known better especially since I went to their site when I hooked up the Siren to the Vera. This worked great. I don’t care what some of the forums say, I really love Vera and the flexibility to do anything; even when the product isn’t fully supported. The instructions were perfect and it worked great.


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