Aeotec v6 keeps showing as "can't detect device" yet seems to always work

I have a vera plus and 2 nodes, both are aeotec v6 dimmers, are constantly showing with “can’t detect device” status yet they always respond quickly to every attempt and scene they are part of. When I toggle these devices off/on the error goes away for a while, then comes back in a few hours.

I have tried to do a manual heal, nothing seems to work, the error always comes back.

One of the two devices is literally 3 feet from the controller, the other is about 12 feet.

Share the Brand Name and exact Part Number of the device, please.
Thank you,
Ezlo Support Team.

Aeotec smart dimmer 6 Model ZW099-A02.

Try setting Automatically Configure Device to No in the devices settings.

Ok thanks, I have set that. They were set to “use default behavior”. Note: this system setting is set: “By default the controller should automatically configure devices”

Maybe I don’t fully know what this does? Can it also impact the speed of vera in general?

Why would some devices have a problem with this setting but others do not?

Don’t change it at the system wide level, just on these two devices you are having issues with, at a device setting level.

So far it does seem to be helping… thanks. Just curious why… is there something wrong or different with those specific nodes?

Vera has had these issues for over a decade with “Can’t detect device”

Some devices seems to be more problematic than others. Aeotec in particular and some of their devices seem to be a problem.

Have you reloaded the Luup engine since setting them not to auto configure?

So far after almost a day the 2 devices are behaving better, thanks. By now, I would have seen them show up as “can’t detect device” without this change. I also think the entire UI interface is snappier with this ‘fix’, the amount of time it takes for the web UI to respond is improved, even with nodes that were not affected, it’s almost like the “can’t detect device” issue was really slowing down Vera in general.

I guess Zwave is a little like HDMI in the sense that pairing certain combinations of vendors often is problematic. :frowning:

Aside from cw-kid’s tip, I would also disable polling for that device on the same screen where you can set the Automatically Configure option, just set polling to 0 (disable) and save. This, only if the tip shared by cw-kid doesn’t fix the issue altogether. There is no need to poll devices frequently, and most devices will by default poll every 60 seconds. If polls are not responded to, it will print the Can’t Detect Device message as well even if the device is actually working and was just busy when it was last polled.

Thanks all. So far the first trick of turning off “automatically configure device” has helped and the issue hasn’t come back in several days. The whole response time of the unit in general has also improved.

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