Aeotec Smart Switch 7

So I got one of these modules (ZWA023-A) to replace an Aeotec Smart Switch 6 that was trashing our z-wave network(s). I expected this thing to be a supported device for UI7-latest. I see a post that says how to get it working “because it’s not yet supported by Vera”…from 2019. Two years on, still not officially supported? Any suggestions (beyond those in the two-year-old discussion) on how to get this module to behave its best?


Go to the switch’s Advanced settings in Vera’s web interface, then the Variables tab, on the Capabilites variable, click Edit and delete capability 38S:2,, then reload the engine from the New service tab, wait 10 seconds and refresh the web interface. The device should work now. If it doesn’t work, please unpair, reset, and pair the Smart Switch 7 again, and do the process informed here. If not sure how to do it, please enable remote support access and PM me the support key so I can assist you.

So I added the SS7 to Vera+ as an SS6. The capability you list above didn’t exactly show up, but one starting with “38S:” did, so I removed that. The switch does “work”. But it has two child devices that seem pointless…I am guessing at least one of them is the power-use “child” that a lot of devices now provide.

So yes, I can turn this thing on and off. Your method for getting it to work is a direct quote of the workaround someone posted for the SS6 two years ago. I’m sorry if I am not terribly impressed.


On the SS6, the capability to delete was 38:2, on the SS7, it is 38S:2 when paired as a generic Z-Wave device.

Yes, it’s the same process (although slightly different capability) for both SS6 and SS7. Sorry for not being of more help, that’s all there is about this one with Vera.

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