Aeotec Siren Gen 5 - Use as Siren and Doorbell


I’m new to using my VeraSecure. Have set up multiple 2GIG door sensors. I’m using the Aeotec Siren Gen 5 to be a siren when they are armed and tripped. Working very well. I just added a 2GIG DBELL1. I can set a scene where the doorbell makes the siren go off. But, the siren makes an alarm type sound. Does anyone know how I can configure the Siren so that it sounds like an alarm when an armed door sensor is tripped, but sounds like a door chime in a scene when the doorbell is pushed.

I know this thread is a bit stale but hoping you can give me some insight. I’m a long term Vera user with a Vera Secure with many devices on it. Am trying to add a 2Gig DBELL1. The device gets added successfully to the system but the Vera only recognizes the “trip”/“untrip” sequence (pushing the button on the DBELL1) twice and then never again. I’ve deleted and readded it multiple times with the same results. Is there some trick to getting the DBELL1 into the system successfully?