Aeotec Multisensor - light sensor: inconsistent data

Looking through the different topics, have seen that the light sensor has interval from 1 to 1000. So I’ve seen different datas reported from 2 to 950. It operates correctly for 2 or 3 days, and now at noon, the sensor reports me 9. I’ve just controlled the sensor, is ok, it detected me when I was in front of.

I’ve also downloaded the latest firmware. Is this an known problem? ???

After several months fighting with my Multisensor, I concluded that it was a battery-eating random number generator. I have retired it from active service.

:smiley: I appreciate your perception of this product. But mine has an external power. Now the data showed is 771 … Very strange, I will log it with datamine to see what happends, may be too many dirty big flies in my living room…

Works OK for me (on batteries, replaced every 8 weeks or so).

Here’s a comparison between two light sensors in different buildings but near windows… pretty good, I’d say.

Thank you akbooer,

But do you think it’s acceptable to have to change batteries each 2 months?

I have to do the same for my NorthQ power meter. The Everspring ST814s are rather better (>6 months), and the Fibaro door sensors are going to be brilliant ( >> 1 year).

I did think of investigating some new long-life rechargables, but, no, I’d rather not have to change batteries at all. I like the approach of the Netatmo Weather Station where the main module is powered and the external module seems light on batteries. Wiring everything is just not an option for me.

I, as others have stated, have basically given up on this thing. It’s inconsistent with everything, not just the light sensor. It absolutely never should have been released as a product. It has made me lose faith in Aeotec and will go down as one of the worst purchases I have ever made.

I have three of these units and everyone of them works flawlessly (all on batteries)! I followed this setup guide and am very pleased with the results :slight_smile: The only thing I would add - once setup in its final location give Vera a couple of days to sort her routing, its very difficult to tune out for a day or two but that has worked for me.

I also use the awesome datamine plugin and agree with @akbooer that temp and lighting levels trend correctly (temps match my Fibaro sensors).

Are others updating the sensor firmware?

Hopefully following this guide will give other users the same success that I have had.


I am about to retire mine, i had 2 which i returned, and have the 3rd one now. Lots of false triggers with all of them. The first 2 were ok with reporting light levels, the one i have now is reporting random numbers most of the time (plus lots of false triggers). I have had enough of this rubbish product.

Hi @mikee123,

Did you update the firmware of the sensor?

I did update the firmware on all of them before i installed them