AEOTEC Multisensor and leviton switch

I’ve got 2 scenes created, one for sensing motion and turning the light on and another when motion isn’t detected to turn the light off. I created a 3rd scene called Hangout which I want to either disable the motion sensor so the turn off scene won’t work or disable that scene until I select a 4th scene called goodbye. I’ve trie setting the sensor to bypass, which doesn’t appear to do anything at all. Any help is greatly appreciated.

So a little more detail after evaluating it more. It looks like bypass doesn’t do anything at all. My “hangout” scene leaves the main lights on and puts the motion sensor in bypass. However, once the sensor switches from motion tripped to not tripped, it executes the motionoff scene which turns the lights off. Ideally, bypassing the motion sensor would make any changes to motion irrelevant but it doesn’t seem to work that way. Any workaround to have the motion sensor or the motionon/motionoff scene’s disabled when another scene is active?

Change your motion scenes to use “An armed sensor?.”
Then your “hangout” scene will arm/disarm, and the other scenes will only trigger when the sensor is armed.

Thanks PurdueGuy, that worked.