Aeotec mini switch showing 2600 watts when off

It’s the same switch I have in dozens of other locations throughout my house. For some reason this one is reporting some crazy wattage values - whether on or off, they’re seemingly random.

Is there an easy way to verify what’s causing that, or should I just exclude/include it?

I reset the power to the switch (tripped breaker). No difference. I then excluded it, and re-included it to the Edge.

It shows -0.00watts when it’s on, and nearly 4k when it’s off. What’s weird is when off, the wattage is actually fluctuating by about 300 watts.

Hmm…yo mentioned you have dozens of others in different locations. As a test, maybe try switching the bad one with one of the other good ones just to verify that it’s the switch which is the problem.

I actually have a few extra (bought too many) as spares. If I’m going to test, it’ll be with a new one. I just wanted to avoid the physical work if it turns out there’s a software issue.

I sent an email to Aeon Labs, and they’ve responded with a similar suggestion - to physically swap it. Leads me to believe it’s not a glitch, and something has gone wrong.

Unfortunately, out of all of the installed micro switches, this is the one that is located in the most difficult-to-reach location - in the ceiling, next to the fluorescent fixture about 18’ off the ground.