AEOTEC Home Energy Meter Gen5 Setting initial kwh


I’ve been trying for quite a long time to find a programming solution for the energy meter that i am using, the AEOTEC Home Energy Meter Gen5.

What i am trying to achieve is somehow to configure the device in Vera secure to start the KWh reading from a predefined value (the one that my apartment’s energy meter is showing, therefore when the time comes to report the energy usage for billing, to only copy and paste the total value from Vera)

I found a solution to reset it, i’ve tried to alter the variables to show a different reading asuming that it will start counting from a different value but with no luck…

Is there anyone that can help me achieve this goal?

Thank you!

The only solution coming off from my head is to write a virtual device and just sum your value with the one reported.

Well, it might work… Could you please guide me how to do that?

Can’t find it at the moment (from my phone), but it should be already on the forum. Try to search it.