aeotec hem2 setup issues

Just set up the home energy meter on ver3 ui5 now and what I see is in the pic
three nodes made line 1 line 2 total maybe?
why is this a generic device and where are the readings?

can you offer me any help

have it solved mostly look under post “aeon labs energy moniter” in “Power Management”
the salve clamps at this point only show KWH and not Watts guess I need to set some peramiter yet
also any one got volts and amps to show?
I am using the 2 clamp us model ver # 3,3,67,1,17

I’ve got mine only reporting the KWH and Watts. I don’t need the V and am not sure if I ever got the Amp draw - one can probably calculate this based on the watt anyway.

I set the following variables:

101 - 2
102 - 1

With these variables, I’m only getting reports on the HEM itself and not on the clamps. The variables are for group 1 (101) and group 2 (102). There’s a third group, 103 but I don’t report V or A or anything else. The reason why you’d have the different group is so you can also determine how often each group reports. I believe my group 2 reports the KWH and I’ve got it updating less frequently than my group 1 which reports Watts - every 5s.

The HEM gets its info from the 2x clamps so I didn’t have a reason for the clamps to report individually as well. There’s a PDF that shows the variables you want to set and how to calculate what values they should be - it involves some converting between binary and decimal.

So I don’t interfere with your current setup, you can try setting up group 3 to report your V and A from the HEM using the following:

103 - 12
113 - X (where X is the reporting interval in seconds)

Check out the attached PDF for more info on how to get the values.