Aeotec HEM Gen5

Has anyone got this working on an ezlo plus? Unless I missed it I had to pair it as a generic device. It does not update. I want quick updates so I can run scenes. In Vera, I am sure everyone hates hearing that, I could set the parameters. I ran scenes based on almost real-time monitoring.

The display on the dashboard is really bad.

Looking for some help.


Hello @RonnieBoyOK,

Aeotec Home Energy Meter ZW095 - GEN5 device is not integrated completely into the eZLO platform, there are some known issues that may affect performance but we are already working to fix them on later firmware releases.

We understand it is unfortunate so I am sending a PM in order to make a further investigation on your Hub.

We will be attentive to your response!

I kindly request EZLO staff to update the compatibility situation of EZLO Plus with AEOTEC ZW095 meter. This meter is widely used and with the heavy use of solar panels in homes the importance of the compatibility of the ZW095 with EZLO controllers is urgent.