Aeotec Heavy Duty Switch works, but "Failed at: Setting special association"

I just installed an Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch. It works great, but on the Vera devices page it shows up with this little red error banner that says “Failed at: Setting special association”. I don’t know what that is or how to clear it. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks!

Usually this will go away once the device wakes up so give it some time. Otherwise is the device working as intended?

Wakes up? It seems to be responding to commands just fine. it’s been 7 hours, still shows.

Oops sorry thought it was battery operated. You could try repairing the device? Have you made any configurations to the device?

I have not intentionally made any configurations. There didn’t seem to exist a product in the pairing DB for this device, so I set it up as a generic Z-wave device. It seemed to go fine, except immediately after it paired and I was able to control it, I saw that banner. It’s still showing.

Set automatically configure to no


That seems to have fixed it, thanks!