Aeotec DSB05 Multisensor device options

I have just moved my DSB05 multisensor to a Vera Plus controller, running UI7. I’ve lost the settings I had on the previous controller (yes, I forgot to note them before I moved it - doh!). In particular I need the light-level reporting interval to be as short as possible (4 mins, I think). Light levels around sunset and sunrise change quickly and I need it to control lighting and curtains. It’s power by USB, so power drain is not a problem.

Does anyone know the correct parameters to enter, under Device Options?

Is this the same device? The user manual here says the following:

“Setting an automatic report interval.
Parameter 111-113 [4 byte decimal] can be configured through your gateway in case
the default settings of your MultiSensor are not what you desire.
Parameter 111 will set the interval for Group 1 (parameter 101), parameter 112 will set
the interval for Group 2 (parameter 102), and parameter 113 will set the interval for
Group 3 (parameter 103).
As an example, you have set parameter 101 to 225 which will report all of the sensors,
and you want to report it every 1800 seconds. Set parameter 111 to 1800 to accomplish