Aeotec door sensor 7

After a battery change my VeraPlus says can not detect device. If i push the tamper switch nothing happens. What can i do to get the sensor working again?

Poll the sensor maybe. Go in to its Advanced area and Commands and then hit the Poll Now button. Then press the tamper button on the sensor.

If it works Vera will poll the sensor device and the Can’t detect message will go away.

Hallo cw-kid,

Thanks but that does not work. Anybody have other idea how to get this sensor working again?

How far away is the door sensor from Vera when you try to poll it?

If it’s not polling? You could try using the Configure Node Now button and single press the tamper button.

If that doesn’t work you may need to delete the device and pair it to Vera again.

If you make a note of the door sensors current device number? And that of any child devices if it has any.

You can always change the newly paired instance of the device to have the same original device number, so you don’t need to update your scenes / logic etc.

The sensor is only 6 feet from controller.Battery is 100% but tamper switch does not respond.
And polling does not work. How can i wake up this sensor?

Read its user manual, it says a single press on the tamper button is all that is needed to wake up the device.

I had a similar problem a few weeks ago on a different brand door sensor after I had put new batteries in.

It would not poll the sensor, the Configure node now button would not work.

In the end I had to delete the device and pair it again to Vera and assign it the same ID number that it had previously before it went belly up.

Well mistakes are made wink:

Hi it turned out that both batteries were dead, also the replacement battery. There is now a fresh battery and the sensor is working again. But it indicates the following message Please wait getting the manufacturer. Is there anything else I need to do to get this message out?

Buy a battery testing device !

If it says that it’s still trying to configure the sensor.

Could trying polling it again maybe ?


I did polling but the message stays the same Please wait getting the manufacturer.
The sensor works and i got a battery testing device :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Is a message you see when the device is in a configuring state.

If manually polling the device and it says it polled it OK, doesn’t clear the message ?

Then you may have to try the Configure Node Now button and wake up the sensor.

I did try that but now the message says, ERROR: Unable to get any information on node

Looks like plan C then.

i did factory reset and i deleted the device and paired it again and its working.

But yesterday something very strange happend i put a fresh battery in and within 12 hours the fresh battery was empty.

so now its running again on a new battery.

Again after battery change sensor is not working. Is this normal?

@Cprdam1 Try to open and close the sensor. This will trigger the sensor and the hub will start to see the door window sensor. Keep in mind these kinds of sensors are battery-powered sensors. They don’t report their status all the time. So to trigger it just open and close that might help you to see the device’s active status on the app.

Thanks for you answer. But also this does not help. I think because this sensor in not included as working with the Vera Plus. So not all the correct settings are set in the set up. I hope in the Ezlo Plus this problem does not happen. Because the sensor is working with the Ezlo plus.

Hi @Cprdam1 ,

Yes, these Aeotec sensors are fully integrated with Ezlo:

  • Recessed Door Sensor 7 - ZW187-A
  • Aeotec - Door/Window sensor 7 - ZWA008-A