Aeon trips when armed


Having two aeon multisensors Gen 5. Problem is that whenever I set to away or night mode I get notifications that they are tripped a few seconds after I arm the house. Anyone having the same experience or know about a workaround?

does the unit ever report that it is not breached? I have the same model, on UI7. Once it sets breached, it does not “unbreach” anymore… ???

I have the same issue with the GEN 5 as it seems to constantly trip.

Even with the sensitivity in minimum and the sensor in the drawer it still trips and remains tripped.

It doesn’t matter if the sensor is armed or disarmed, its reporting movement.

I have this exact problem with my 4-in-1 Gen5. Been waiting for Vera to remote access my Edge since friday last week…

I?m another one with the exact same setup and problem. Has to be fixed now!

Ok, seems like I wasnt alone with the problem.

If you happen to stumble on a solution please let us know.


I?m using this code in scenes to reset “Triggerd” sensors to “0” Seems to work at least descent as a work-around.
The code is in short checking when the last “Triggerd” hsppend and if its more than 300 sec it resets the trigger.

local SENSOR = 30    -- The door/window sensor device number
local DELAY = 300    -- Seconds
local SES_SID = "urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SecuritySensor1"

luup.call_delay( "SetUntripped", DELAY)
function SetUntripped()
    local tripped = luup.variable_get( SES_SID, "Tripped", SENSOR) or "0"
    local lastTrip = luup.variable_get( SES_SID, "LastTrip", SENSOR) or os.time()
    if (tripped == "1" and (os.time() - lastTrip >= DELAY)) then
    luup.variable_set(SES_SID, "Tripped", "0",SENSOR)