Aeon Switches

Aeon’s website is down for maintenance… but was wondering if anyone can tell me the difference between these devices:

Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Micro In-Wall Appliance Switch

Assuming this one is the next generation from the one above?
Aeon Labs Aeotec SC19103-ZWUS Z-Wave Micro Smart Energy Illuminator

And is this just the same as above but for dimming functionality?
Aeon Labs Aeotec DSC27103-ZWUS Z-Wave Micro Illuminator In-Wall Smart Light Dimmer

There’s switches and dimmers, with and without energy reporting.

For the old versions (but the same for the DSCxx103):

[quote=“ASIHome, post:80, topic:167447”]DSC18101-ZWUS = 10A Switch with Energy Reporting
DSC19101-ZWUS = 300W Dimmer with Energy Reporting
DSC26101-ZWUS = 10A Switch without Energy Reporting
DSC27101-ZWUS = 300W Dimmer without Energy Reporting[/quote]