Aeon Multisensor 6 in 1 issue, devices disappearing vera edge

Dear friend,
I’ve add 2 6 en 1 MultiSensor Z-Wave Plus (GEN5) to my vera edge unnit. Found on this forum how to channge parameters inorder to have it correctly recognized as motion sensor and not like generic device. I attached the printscreens of this configuration.

When I’ve tried to add a third sensor it was recognized as generic device. But when I’ve changed the settings as illustrated in my printscreens all the physical devices has disappeared from vera. I did a restore and retried many times but always the same result.

I than tried to hard reset this device, and retry, without result.

I than tried to add an other 4th aeon sensor. I had exactly the same behaviour.

I than tried to delete the second AEON sensor and than re-add it again, but the same problem happen. All devices disappeared from Vera. Could you please help?