Aeon modelDSC06106 Smart Switch

I just installed the Vera Edge this weekend & having trouble getting Aeon modelDSC06106 Smart Switch Energy to pair. I was using Vera2 which worked fine. I can’t find the instructions on the smart switch to get the blue led light to blink which I believe has to happen before it will pair with the Edge. A 3 hour search on the internet only says hold down the power switch for a count of 3 and LED should blink. That is not happening. I’m guessing the switch still thinks it is on the Vera2, but Vera2 is powered off.

Any help would be appreciated.


Before you can include a device to a new network, you must first exclude it. The exclude can be performed by any Z-Wave controller, including your Vera Edge. You do not have to use the original Vera 2 to exclude the switch.

Thanks! That fixed it!