Aeon Labs Recessed Door Sensor Gen5 Doesn't trip?

Anyone get these working with their VeraEdge?

Added fine as a generic device… however it doesn’t seem to trip when i make and break the connection even though the device’s red light turns on and off accordingly.
Also what exactly is on vs off? Does on mean when it the door is closed and it sense the magnet or is that off?

See topic,29953.msg221119.html#msg221119. I have two working for over a year now. The only issue is the battery usage.

Thanks… i have to admit it’s not entirely clear to me amongst all the changes different people are saying that they’re making in the thread exactly what to do

wait i think i got it working following these steps that irishloco summarized plus one additional step…

Changed Settings
device_type: urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:DoorSensor:1
manufacturer: Aeon
device_file: D_DoorSensor1.xml
device_json: D_DoorSensor1.json
Created New Variable (new service) 121, 4d, 16
category_num: 4 → This is security devices (Required to show under modes)
subcategory_num: 1 → This is door security devices (Required to show under modes)
All other settings are the same as when I joined it as a generic device.

additional step - put veraedge in inclusion mode again. Although it didn’t seem to do anything, when i returned to the devices page it was there and seems to work.