Aeon Labs Micro in wall dimmer Generation 2 question

Hi Guys,

I got myself 2 x of these modules. When I installed the first one, and paired it to my zwave network, the control of the unit was working as expected, except it looked like no lights were turning on or off. as far as the veralite was concerned, everything was fine. So i removed it and decided it was faulty. I hooked it up in a test with a single light, and measured voltage across the load contacts when switching it on, and i got 17volts, rather than 240 volts at 100 dimming. I have sent this one back to the supplier and am awaiting a replacement.

The second unit i installed in the same way as the first, paired it, and can control the lights. However, when i first installed it, and turned the lights on, im fairly certain the brightness of the lights was as they used to be before any modules were installed, but a few hours later, 100% does not get me full brightness. There are 4 x 50w halogen globes and 1 normal 75w globe hooked up to this circuit, so i should be reading over 250 watts in vera, but it shows me 140W.

Its like the aeon labs module has forgotten what full voltage is. Or is wrong as to what 100% dim is. The lights look like they are at 50% compared to the rest of the house. Ive tried resetting these modules by holding down the button on it for 20 seconds as suggested in the instructions it came with, but that doesnt do anything.

Anyone got any ideas?