Aeon Labs Key Fob Gen 5 pairs with Veralite but no functionality

A new Key Fob (Gen 5).

It pairs but only partially with the Vera Lite.

Under the scenes no buttons show up.

In Advanced no manufacturer or model display and under variables a lot of the entries are missing.

I have an older Aeon remote control (the black slim one) and it paired and works perfectly.

Anyone have any ideas on this?


Hello Starhawk,

As far as I see that the controller is running on firmware version 1.5.672. UI5 platform is not compatible with gen5 devices, you will have to update the unit to UI7 if you want it works.
If you agree, I can open a ticket for this or contact Customer Care service at

I will contact Vera Support on this, thanks for your help I was not aware I could upgrade to UI7.