Aeon Labs Issues with microswitch and door sensor

Has anyone witnessed the following issues?

  1. Aeon Labs Door sensor battery only lasted 1 month

  2. Aeon Labs power consumption reporting is wrong sometimes ( reads 3650 Watts vs 350 watts on vera2*)

  • I am using the latest firmware

I’m using the Aeon Labs Door/Window sensor for a couple of weeks now, and my battery level is about 80 %.
Does your door open/closes a lot ? Mine is on a bathroom door, with 5-10 open/closes a day (I guess, should be counting it to be sure → anyone know of a script that could do this ??)


actually, yes. it opens about 20 times per day ( it is the company door :P)

Still, I don’t think it should die within a month

My HRDS1 has been connected to my garage door since the last 2 months or so with the garage door opening/closing atleast 4-5 times a day. The battery level still shows 100%.

My Aeon door/window sensor gets very little use (<1 per day) and the battery still lasts less than a month. And the stupid batteries they use are not cheap!

Next time I’ll try the Hawking HRDS1.

Check the polling interval in Vera’s interface. If set too high, the batteries will die quite quickly…

My HRDS1s do not last any longer either recently! I haven’t touched the poll frequency settings either!


I disagree with what you are saying. This is a door/ sensor that would be used for some intrusion detection. a higher degree of polling will make the product totally miss the boat 8)

What I don’t understand is the relation between polling the device from Vera and having the device transmit everytime the status changes (open/closed).
Does this device send a notification to Vera when it is tripped/untripped or does Vera have to poll the device to know the status ?
If the device has the initiative on sending Vera it’s status, then I think Vera should not be polling it at all…
When my door opens/closes, the LED on the sensor lightens up briefly, and I assumed that it would also send a notification to Vera at that moment.

I also haven’t changed the polling frequency from what was automatically set up.

@achalhoub: Polling, within Vera, is designed to periodically ask a device, “So what’s going on with you? Are you open or closed? On or off”? The device then responds. This is nice for line powered devices, because it basically ensures that the device’s true state is correct within Vera.

For battery powered devices, when the state changes, they automatically tell Vera what happened. So, for the HDRS1, if a door opens, the switch wakes up, sends out a note to Vera telling her that the door opened, then goes back to sleep. When the door is closed, the HDRS1 follows the same procedure.

Trust me when I say, if you have modified the polling interval of your HDRS1 to a very frequent polling interval, you have caused your own battery life issue.

@TheGadgetGuy : thanks for the information.
So, what do you suggest is the best polling interval for a door/window sensor ? Should it be polled at all?


I have my units set to never poll. Works fine for me. Very knows as soon as a door is opened or closed. No delays, no worries.

I suppose polling once or twice per day wouldn’t hurt too much. I doubt that would hurt the batteries too much.