AEON LABS in wall lighting micro module problem


I hope someone can help. I have installed an Aeon Labs in-wall micro lighting module. All works fine, except;

If I turn the light on (full) via Vera, the light turns on as expected, then seems to get to full strength and then turns off and repeates in a never ending loop.

If I turn the light on via the dim slider to around 70% - all is fine - move past 70% and the “looping” process starts again!

I am wondering if this is a problem with the micro module or a setting I can adjust in Vera (in non technical terms - make 70% : 100% therby fixing the problem)

I am open to any sugestions :wink: Thanks.

I don’t have a suggestion, but I was wondering if you were able to figure this out and also where did you find this micro module? Is it available some place to order? I’m VERY interested in trying this out in my z-wave network. Thanks!

I assume he is a tester because Winston over at Aeon says these are not available yet.

Thanks Barry, that is what I thought, but I had to ask. I’m sure you’ll let us know if you think this product is on the horizon and of course I prefer to order from you. The $64,000 question is how well will this fit in a gang box and will it work as advertised?

A quick assumption would be that you are exceeding the ampacity of the dimmer module and an internal safety circuit is being enabled.
What type of lamps are you using and what is the total wattage on the dimmer?


I’ve just installed 3 of these (Z-Series from and 5 switch controllers. These are the Aeon Labs units with Australian Voltage and frequency.

I did have one play up on me and needed to exclude it and then include it again, this time making sure the configuration completed.

The units I have a 575W. Nice units - even got one to drive a fan and control it’s speed via the dim level.

We did find them a little fiddly to setup and in the end we daisy chained the units to a power cord. Paired, named and tested each unit, and only then did we install them and connect the load to them.

[quote author=doilibip link=topic=4764.msg27075#msg27075 date=1291276976]
Nice units - even got one to drive a fan and control it’s speed via the dim level.

Are you sure these are rated to control a Fan? If not it’ll probably die an early death!

Good Question. This is a bit of an experiment (by myself and my electician) as I’m replacing an obsolete IR based control system and there are no switches to the fans (they had a three power level control unit). There’s no clicking or whine from the fan, and I’m using scenes to set the speed (eg 100% for 10 seconds and then 15% for low). Time will tell, I guess.

I’d heard that most dimmers will die early with inductive loads, but it was proven to me when a friend of mine used a GE dimmer switch…It lasted two weeks before it popped its clogs!

I would check with Aeon or the specifications if I was you! In the USA, to my knowledge, only one manufacturer (Leviton) makes a Fan compatible dimmer and its nearly double the price of other switches.

Thanks for the advice. Sadly very limited with what I have available in Australia. So looks as if I’ll use the appliance modules with a fan wall switch in line to control the speed, and just do an on and off via Vera.