Good evening All,

Can I have 2 Minimotes operating on the same network, each activating different things.



Yup. Each shows up as a unique device and allows you to assign scenes to it’s buttons.

Is it true that the Minimote must be in range of the main controller in order to run the scenes? If true that seems to limit the usefulness of it. I have one and it does seem intermittent once I get further away from the main controller.


I use one as a garage door opener in my car (cheaper at $14) than replacing the broken one that came with my opener) and it works fine about 100ft outside my cinder block house with Vera being in the farthest away corner. I’m not sure if it connects directly to the controller or just hooks into the mesh to whichever device is closest. I’m thinking the latter.


At at times when you order 2 of them. :wink: