Aeon Key Fob Contoller Installation

Having used the Aeon Labs/Aeotec MiniMotes, I was looking forward to the Aeon Labs/Aeotec Key Fobs, because of their size and key chain or necklace type of carrying convenience. After reading the Aeotec included manual and the on-line manual I was a little frustrated when the device settings appeared to be incomplete. They were different than what I recognized from the MiniMotes.

However, since I (kinda) bricked an extra Vera3 updating from the 1.5.408 to 1.5.622, believing there might be some type of update for the “Key Fob”, I had to resort to my first call to MCV Tech Support. Speaking to Julian, he was able to guide me through not only restoring my Vera3, but while I had him on the phone I had him walk me through the configuration of the Key Fob. The Key Fob is different, whereas, you define the (4) Key Fob buttons for “Scenes” by establishing “Triggers” for each scene (2 per) “button” selection on the Key Fob → “Activate” press button once or “Deactivate” holding a button down for a couple seconds to “Trigger Scenes”. I prefer the way the MiniMotes provide for the selections under “device” → “scenes” tabs. Thanks to Julian for taking the time to walk me through and understanding the differences.

IMHO, I prefer the MiniMote configuration, but in the instances where I need the Key Fobs, at least there is a solution. By the by, I installed both under 1.5.408 and 1.5.622. Here is a link to some instructions although for another type of device from the European Site.


reference → the info under the “setup scenes and triggers”. We did not edit/configure anything under the “Configure the Device” heading, for Device → Device Options tab illustrated or Device → Settings tab illustrated in the Wiki Link. When I get a chance, if needed, I can put together some screens and post here.


Thanks for the update MWP. I’m sure others will have this issue. I’m planning on getting this keyfob shortly, i’ll probably run into the same issue.

If you got screenshots, thatd be great.


Agree with MWP - the manual is lacking, but following some advice on a few other posts, I have put together a list of values for the buttons that you put in the scene number in the trigger section of automation .

Top Left - single press - sends value 1
Top Right - single press - sends value 5
Bottom Left - single press - sends value ???
Bottom Right - single press - sends value 6
Top Left - long press - sends value 2
Top Right - long press - sends value 8
Bottom Left - long press - sends value 7
Bottom Right - long press - sends value 4

Does anyone else get similar results, and have you found a value for the single press of the Bottom Right button?