Aeon Home Energy Monitor?

So I would like to monitor the energy in the entire house and I came across this product called Aeon Home Energy Monitor:

So first of all is it fully compatible with vera2?
And I assume it’s going to be attached to the main power cable of the house. Where could this be found?

Thanks in advance!

Check the General > Power Management board; there’s a long thread on the Aeon HEM.

Also check out the TED5000. More money, but more features, more accurate (but therefore harder to install); not Z-Wave, but supported by a plug-in.

Yep, if you want to monitor the entire house, you’ll need access to your main power cables.

Thank you for your reply. Looks like the TED5000 is working better than the aeon monitor.
I think it’s going to be a TED5000. 200$ is quite cheap for it’s functionality.

Only problem for me is to find the main cables. Are they supposed to be found near the fuse-box / circuit breaker?
As far as I can see there are no visible main cable. Do I need to unmount these from the wall? Sounds quite dangerous.

Yes, quite dangerous, depending on your situation and what you’re comfortable with doing yourself.
The installation instructions are on the TED website, so you can get an impression.

Are you in the U.S.? There currently is no 50Hz capable/certified flavor of TED, so it may be U.S. centric at the moment.

No, Actually I am in EU, Sweden that is. Does it mean that this device is not suitable for me?

Correct; TED is not suitable.

[quote=“FAQ @ TED website”]Will TED work with 230v 50Hz Service (service generally found outside of North America)?
A. Not at this time. We are working on developing a 230v50Hz system.[/quote]

And there are no other alternatives for Europeans other than the device from Aeon?
From what I’ve read it seems like the Aeon energy monitor is not stable at all.

I’m U.S. based and have the TED5000, but maybe take a look at this plug-in for another non-Z-Wave device.

As oTi@ says, if you are in the EU then the CurrentCost EnviR might fit your requirements. It’s simpler than the TED5000 but doesn’t measure power factor.

My Aeon Home Energy Meter works well. It’s not as accurate as the TED that I have, but I didn’t have any issues with it. I see it updating in my Vera quite often.

What problems are you seeing, computer Science?

My Aeon also works well. It can not be 100% accurate because it measures only current, assuming the voltage from it’s parameter (adjustable z-wave parameter). I’m not sure that TED is measuring voltage.

I’ve connected AEON to it’s AC power supply and this allows me to setup it to update Vera quite often.

It does.

So if you were looking to but a monitoring device now which way would you go? I like the AEon approach using z-wave, but have questions as to how well it is integrated and useful.

How accurate is the energy monitor from Aeon labs? Are there any numbers on that?