Aeon Home Energy Meter (ZW095): only Watts and kWhs?

finally I bought and set up my first Zwave (Vera Plus>) system!
My Home Energy Meter Gen 5(HEM) seems to work well but there is something I can’t understand.
It reports correctly power (kW and energy (kWh) but if I try to change variabile 101-report1 from value 3 (1+2) to other values, p.e. 15 (1+2+4+8: Watt+kWh+Voltage+Amperage), I obtain always the same readings: Power and energy.
Is there anything missing?!?

I have the same problem. How to get Volts and Amps to display with the updated settings.
Did you get Volts and Amps to report correctly?

Same inssue, any advice? Thanks