Aeon HEM clamps stop updating

Hi guys, anyone have issues with their Aeon HEM randomly not updating one of the clamps?

It’s not consistent on one clamp or the other but every day one of the clamps stops sending data while the other clamp and the main unit have up to date info. I run a manual config and the issue gets fixed again for another day or so.

When I say not sending data, it’s hours old and if i don’t update it will never get corrected.

I’m running the latest firmware on it, 3.67.

Yup, exact same problem here. One clamp or the other or the whole thing stops reporting. A “poll” command sometimes works and a “configure now” command usually brings back an error unless I power cycle the HEM.
Yes, of course I have it USB powered and on latest firmware.

Any solution for this yet? The HEM v2 is not better, so I’m looking for something similar from a different company maybe?