Aeon HEM 1st Gen shows 3 devices on Vera?

I just installed Aeon HEM 1st gen (DSB9104-ZWUS) and it shows 3 devices on Vera.
I figure that two are for each clamps and one is combined value.
Now, the part I don’t quiet understand is, under Energy - Current usage page of Vera, Vera is calculating whole house usage as combination of all 3 devices.

How do I correct this?

You can’t correct this, it’s a Vera problem.
Perhaps in future FW releases Energy will be taken into consideration.
Having said this you could try using only one clamp if the supply is single phase.
Clamp the Active only and see what happens.
The second clamp is for the second phase which may not be used in your case.

I have a split phase system, which most residential houses in the US are wired. So, I do need both clamps.