AEON Extender pairing (NOT)

Tried pairing another AEON DSD37 Extender. I have 2 of these paired previously (before firmware “fix”) now can’t get this paired Never makes it past 5%. This seems to be same story with other devices I had paired previously. Waiting patiently for some of these fixes but getting very frustrated with the time, especially when I had things working before. And yes I went through pairing unpairing procedure several times.

Hello there,
We have received your request for device integration. We are in the process of ordering it and waiting on shipping! Our team will be sure to get this out as soon as possible so please bear with us during this time.

Thank you,
Ezlo Integration Team.

Not sure what that means, as you see I already paired 2 of these with no issue before firmware update Now I can’t pair another of the same model. So I’m not sure what my request for device integration has to do with this.


We are going to order this device and make an investigation about the mentioned problem.