AEON Clamps loosing capabilities

Hi comunity
I use a VeraLite and a AEON 3 Clamps HEM.
I can see, 4 units (All calmps, clamp1, clamp2, clamp3)
All 4 units are displaying correct values.
Once after some time, may be several hours or even after several days, i can see no more changes in one or 2 or even all 4 units.
Checking the settings shows me that just the unit which not changes values lost all the info in settings/capability.
Configuring the units fails with several messages.
Only thing helps is restore an older backup. After restoring, the capabilities are visible again and the units shows the correct values.
The HEM seems to work fine because it meassures and counts watts and KWh also during time VeraLite fails.
Somebody who can help?
Thanks and regards, Paul

This device is causing issue to many people.
If you didn’t, take a look at this topic, specially the last pages.
You need to change device options to get regular update.
Good luck

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Hi Thomass
Thanks so far.
The parameter you mentioned are set like described.
The readings are accurate and everytime complete until…
Until something happened. I dont know what.
But, after some time, this may be a few hours oer may be a few days, reading for single clams is missing.
May be, the overal usage is reading fine but clamp 1 or two is missing.
And what i realised is that everytime readings are missing, also the capabilities for this particular clamp are no longer visible.
May be, someone else found a solution?
I will check further and reading the forum for moer help.
regards from snowy Switzerland, Paul

Hello all
After up dating the AEON HEM to version 3.67 i had no more losses of clamp capabilities.
Now. i can start again adding ZWave parts to my network.
I’m happy if the situation stays in this way
Regards, Paul