Aeon 4 in 1 mulisensor polling at odd intervals

Good evening all,

I have tried searching, and since this is about the 4-1 sensor it doesn’t really fit into any sub forum!

I’m a relative newbie at this home automation malarkey and I’ve started out with a VeraLite and an Aeon 4 in 1 updated to the latest firmware. I’m using the dataMine graphing to monitor light levels as my PLEG device wasn’t turning the lamps off when the light levels rose again. Now dataMine is showing the sensor not returning new light levels for sometimes hours at a time, even though I have Wakeup set at 120 and poll at 60 seconds.

Now, I am assuming that the sensor only returns a new value what the level changes, but I cannot imagine the light in my living staying identical for hours? Or is the state dependant on motion being triggered?

Am I missing something, or should I have it setup differently. It is plugged into the mains.

I hope someone can help!!

well you can set in “advanced” under “Poll this node at most once every” the time to something shorter … like 1800 seconds or so.

this MAY help, but in the end, the vera does decide when the polling does happen, and its moreless not controllable, i have the same issues with a Fibaro Door Sensor
sometimes there is no update for hours.