Advise with AV + AC integration for Vera Edge

I apologize beforehand is this has been replied earlier. Ive seen a couple of threads about this topic but not entirely clear yet.

Ok so im starting in this home automation world. I have started with a Vera Edge, some zwave relays for the lights and fans. I have everything installed and i can turn on and off my lights tru the web interface.

Im a bit confused when it comes to A/V and AC automation. I want to be able to control my Audio and Video devices such as TV, Receiver, Android Box, Media player, etc with the Vera Edge web interface, as well as my Air conditioners, but im not entirely sure of what will be a good way to accomplish that.

I was hoping if you can give me some pointers of what are the options i have?

Thanks in advance,


Ill try to make my question a little bit more specific.

Ok this is what i have in one of the rooms. (but will need to be applied to different rooms as well)
Non Smart LG TV
Yamaha Receiver 5.1
Element I4 Android Box
WD Tv Live
Cable Box

Ive read about mainly 2 products … the itach WF2IR and the Harmony Home but before going in for any of those, i would like your opinion to see what fits my needs the best. The plan will be also to control all the devices tru vera and voice using voxcommand.

the other part is the Air Conditioner… standard inverter. Ive heard about this Zwave Device “Remotec Z-Wave ZXT-120 IR Extender for Air Conditioners” but i again, before buying that i wanted to see if there was a better option that will address both my needs in one.

Thanks in advance

I use the KIRA plugin by RexBecket. It allows Vera to receive and send IR codes. A received code acts as a trigger. You can have Vera do what ever you like with the received code (trigger). I have a skylight that Vera sends codes to, along with a TV. Have a look at the following post. When you look at the early part of the post you will see KiraTx and KiraRx. There were two separate plugins at that time. One for receiving and one for transmitting. They were combined into one plugin that does both (KiraTX). The later part of the post discusses the RT plugin.,14618.0.html

As for the A/C, I would look at the available plugins. Several manufactures thermostats are supported. I use the Radio Thermostat.

Thank you.

In terms of hardware. What hardware should i ve getting?

Here is a link for the Kira module:

Be sure to order it with the world power supply if you are in the US.