Advice - pairing failure

I have a veralite with 13 devices successfully paired over the last year.

I am trying to add two new devices now, but they fail to pair. When I take the veralite on battery mode, hit the plus, and then hit the trigger button on the device in various ways, the red lite maintains a steady 1/sec blinking as it does not recognize any new device is transmitting. This happens for both new devices, which causes me to suspect the vera lite.

I noticed I am also unable to exclude existing devices with the - button. Similar behavior - the unit continues to blink steady as if no zwave trigger is recognized.

Any thoughts on what I can try?

Depends on the device that you are trying to pair. Always a good idea to provide that detail so that more specific assistance can be rendered.

As you probably know, the sequence and duration of pressing the ‘pairing’ button is sometimes important depending on the device. I’ve sometimes had better luck with stubborn devices if I pull the device battery for a few seconds before I start the process. A reboot of Vera also can improve your success.

Ok, thanks.

I did fix this - by resetting the zwave network. Apparently, cleaning all the devices and then re-pairing everything was sufficient to dislodge the frozen unit. The two new devices ( a GE plug and an aeon home energy meter) added fine. This was a bit of work to get everything else reconfigured correctly.

I had the same symptoms, as high flyer, I had about 20 devices working fine but after a long period of not adding devices more than a year, the Vera 3 failed to go into pairing mode either via a software instruction or pressing the front button I tried a Factory reset, Heal, Repair, and Multiple reboots failed to fix the pairing problem. After resetting the Zwave network the Vera paired perfectly, its a bit drastic but it works.

Did the Vera UI show an error message when this occurred? I had / have a problem where Vera would show “node found… Failed to go into learning mode”, when trying to include something. Turns out the z-wave chip goes into a funny state every now and then. It’ll be on version 3.20 but show SIC:yes SUS:yes which can’t happen on that version. If I hit the “hack to convert 2.78 to 3.20” option and restart Vera, the problem will disappear. Which is good as I don’t want to reinstall my 60+ devices.