Advice on how to proceed with IR setup

I’ve had my Vera for a couple of years and have been adding a switch here, an outlet there, just taking my time growing into the system as I learn more about it.

Due to circumstances beyond my control I have had to put everything into overdrive to have all the home improvement projects done or indefinitely shelved, including AV/Security/automation. The good news is I’m approaching having all of the switches/lights, etc. in my house that will be automated connected to my Vera, but that piece of good news has raised a missing piece of the puzzle. All of the AV equip. is centrally located and then modulated through-out the house, which has necessitated RF remotes to control everything. So I have all these remotes, why shouldn’t they control the lights/outlets also?

I’ve looked at a couple different solutions and I’m trying to follow the KISS principle, but I’m looking for the expert advice of the people on these boards.

My first thought was to find a remote control for something that isn’t used anymore (think old betamax VCR or something), then I’d have my remote codes that can be used. My preferred method would be to use a device that receives IR signals and converts them to basic http commands which would trigger a defined event. I’ve been looking at the Keene IR anywhere for that, but can’t figure out if it will do what I want. The other option appears to be to get a USB-UIRT and then create triggers based on received IR signals. I don’t know which one would be preferable or the easiest to setup. I have a series of http requests already defined, but I could also go the USB-UIRT route.


Mods, sorry if this is in the wrong forum topic, but I couldn’t figure out where to put it.

If you decide to use the Keene KIRA module, there is already a Vera plugin for it. See KIRA Plugins. This makes it very easy to have scenes or PLEG logic triggered by received IR codes.

I read (all that I could find) about the Keene and recognized your name immediately. I have been able to find spotty documentation on configuring the Keene itself. Can you set it up so if you receive an IR signal that it sends the Vera something like this:

If so, def. the route I will follow. Thanks so much for the response.

You cannot configure the KIRA to send custom http commands. When it receives an IR code, it sends it in a string format using UDP to a pre-configured IP address.

When my KiraRx plugin is installed on Vera, it monitors the UDP traffic sent by KIRA and looks-up received IR code strings in its local database. If the IR code has been learned/imported and saved, KiraRx sets a state variable to the name of the code. Vera scenes and PLEG logic can be triggered by the code name.

I have not had any luck finding a US distributor for these. Is it best to just buy direct from Keene?

I think that is your only option. They have worldwide PSUs that will fit US sockets and they will certainly ship to you. The shipping may hurt a bit - I get the same problem when I buy stuff from your side of the pond.

In North America, the Xantech XLIP200/232/400 units are more readily available… They are OEM Keene IR Anywhere units… The only caveat is that they use 12 volt IR emitters and receivers, while the Kira units are 5 volt. Also, the Kira units have a built in receiver, while the Xantech units do not.

Other than that, they are equivalent to the Keene units… and they work with the existing Kira plugin without modification.

Xantech XLIP200 = Kira
Xantech XLIP232 = Kira128rs232
Xantech XLIP400 = Kira128

The cost of purchacing a Kira-MW unit from Keene and having it shipped to North America is about the same as getting a XLIP200 and a DL85K (IR Receiver + 4 emitters + IR distribution block kit).

I think that is your only option. They have worldwide PSUs that will fit US sockets and they will certainly ship to you. The shipping may hurt a bit - I get the same problem when I buy stuff from your side of the pond.[/quote]

I actually got an email from Keene about this. Start email

"We did a special firmware code for these people (below), they are US
based, a helpful guy called Rob Nazzal.

It is for the Vera system and produces an http request from a learned IR
code. Can store 20 IR codes and corresponding http strings.

- YouTube"

This is actually exactly what I’m looking for, except that it is limited to 20 stored codes/http requests. You would run out in a hurry if you have a fully automated house. I’m waiting for a response from the US guy, but the website he lists appears to be offline (was only supposed to be pre-orders, but still). Not I have to decide if I want to go simple/limited or complicated/unlimited.

Did you happen to ever hear back from them? Website is still dead.

Hi Rex,

I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The website ( is back up and running. I’m aiming to get these products shipped in February. Please let me know if you have any questions about it.


I would suggest looking at iTach hardware and iRule to manage ALL your remote needs. This is the best system to integrate the remote controls of any device as it works perfectly and is highly supported with Vera, US made, priced right. Check it out before you jump into Keene.