Advice on 2 gang 2 was switches

I was planning on automating some pendant led lights with the fibaro dimmer 2 and bypass 2. The lights are 2 way with switches upstairs and downstairs and both are 2 gang switches. The downstairs one already has a dimmer in it for the other circuit so I was intending to put the dimmer in the light fitting.
However when I had a look there doesn’t seem to be permanent power there. It looks like there is only switched live from the switch to the circuit. The house was rewired 12 months ago so is this the new way of doing it?
I then thought about putting the dimmer in the upstairs switch but with 2 x 2 way circuits in a single back box, albeit 47mm there is no room for a dimmer united even if there were I them couldn’t automate the upstairs.
Has anyone else had this problem. Upstairs are led spots so those bulbs could be replaced but downstairs and led pendants with non replaceable bulbs so can’t swap those for zwave ones.
Am I out of luck?