Advice for new controller to add to Vera3 (UI5) and ALTUI/openLuup

Hello Group,

I’ve purchased a few motion sensors recently which would not configure with my old Vera3 (UI5) because they are z-wave 2.0 and weren’t compatible with my old Vera3.

Most of the z-wave devices I see online are all ZW 2.0 and possibly will NOT work with the Vera3.

Since I mostly use openLuup on a Raspberry Pi, (to control my Vera3, Philips HUE, and Wink Hub), I would like to build onto that current system, and maintain my focus around openLuup.

To mildly experiment adding to my z-wave network, would you consider . . .

a. buying a z-stick style USB device like Zooz or Aeotec to configure into openLuup or . . .

b. buying an ezlo plughub and (if compatible with Rene’s ezlo bridge) using that. I’ll re-read Rene’s ezlo bridge thread to see if his plugin is only for Ezlo version 2 devices, which I don’t believe are on sale yet in the US, or . . .

c. Other simple option?

The devices mentioned above are relatively inexpensive and I believe they will allow me to get my feet wet.

Thanks for any advice.


These types of questions are probably better answered elsewhere.