Advanced Scene Editor

I have been using the advanced tab in the scene editor for a number of my scenes, but lately when I click on the advanced tab on any of my scenes the page only displays the list and Icons for my devices instead of showing me the advanced options. the advanced functions are simply not there. I have searched the forum for other people with this problem and have not found any. am I missing something? I would be interested to find out how to bring those options back.

thanks for your reply

It’s hard to tell what browser you are using.

  1. Try to reload the browser. Does that fix it ?
  2. Try to use Chrome.
    Before you click the advanced tab … type Control Shift I (3 keys at the same time)
    In the window that pops up … select the Console Tab at the right.
    Back in the Vera Desktop … Click the advanced tab in the scene editor.
    Anything new show up in the Console window ?

thanks for the quick reply. I went through the list,

i tried multiple browsers from multiple computers and no luck. when i open the console and click on advanced i get the following code

2013-11-15 08:07:57: Couldn’t call function show_scene_advanced cpanel_data.js?1.5.622-1-07054035:13652
2013-11-15 08:08:04: Couldn’t call function show_scene_advanced cpanel_data.js?1.5.622-1-07054035:13652

I imagine you might have better idea what this means then I do any thoughts?

not sure if it helps but did you try to power down the vera?


Can you please submit a trouble ticket with tech support access enabled so we can check it out ?
You can send me a PM with the ticket number once it’s submitted and I will pass it to the right persons.


Everything is working now, thanks to Everyones Input. I was impressed with the quick response from MCV