Ademco Vista Plugin using the Envisalink

I see that the MCV DSC users are mainly using the Envisalink instead of the DSC hardwired serial option. I was wondering if the Ademco plugin developer has any plans to support the Envisalink module along with the AD2USB like they did with the DSC plugin? A TCP/IP solution for Vista would be a heck of a lot better than a long USB cable.

I would love to see an Envisalink plugin for the Honeywell (Ademco) Vista panel. It would be even better if the plugin had a virtual keypad.

I use my Honeywell Vista 20P panel with both Envisalink and AD2USB modules, but only the AD2USB works with my VeraLite. I didn’t install the AD2USB in the box (or “can”) with the panel using a long USB cable, rather, I installed the AD2USB in a wall box near my VeraLite and just ran a long 4-conductor cable between the panel and the AD2USB. Much easier than a long USB cable.

robertloll1, I am considering doing just what you have configured. I have been hunting & pecking all day to see if this was possible. Please share with me what home automation you have configured? The reason I ask I have a Vista20 P with the EVL3. I’m looking for an option when arming and disarming through my EVL3 app that Z-Wave would also lock or unlocked my doors.