ADEMCO Vista 20P/PS series

Just purchased a home and do not have access code. What is installer master code?

  1. Get small screwdriver
  2. Open iron box
  3. Remove one wire [black or red] from battery
  4. Remove wire from the left-most screw-terminal then, re-attach the wire [it will spark a little]
  5. [At keypad] Press # and * for a few seconds and you will see a “20” [you are now in programming]
  6. Press “#20” - watch for four-digit code – use THAT code to reset master code
  7. Press *99 to exit programming.

P.S. - do not forget to reconnect battery wire when done.

The default installer code is 4112…

With the panel disarmed, Try entering 4112800 to enter programming mode… If this does not work, then try the method mentioned by integlikewhoa.

If that does not work, then your panel has been locked out by the installer or the prior/current monitoring company. In this case you will need the installer/monitoring company unlock the panel with compass, or replace the control board or brute force the panel.