ADEMCO panel hiccup after upgrading to UI7

My VERA3 has kept my house safe for the past 5 years under UI5. Today, I became ambitious and upgraded to UI7. The good news is that it is working fine, including the burglar alarm. The bad news, however: the Ademco Vista Alarm Panel complains - "Can’t detect device". That doesn’t keep it from functioning. I can arm and disarm the system; it shows tripped sensors and makes all the right noises. Is the dashboard card “1 Device no longer connected” just an esthetic issue?

This is very common with battery powered z-wave sensors. They function fine, but Vera reports they cannot be sensed.

This isn’t a “battery powered sensor”. It is the AD2USB unit, generating a RS232 signal from the USB coming out of Vera3. It has its own little power supply.

I have the same symptom. Apparently everything is working as you say yours is, but that read banner is always disturbing. I can’t believe it is just you and I with the issue, but I guess I can live with it.

I was just reporting to you this is a common issue with UI7, very common for battery devices.

BTW, I was slightly incorrect: the AD2USB is supplied via the USB.

I went to APS > myApps > AD2USB > Details > Update App, and Voil?, no more error message.

I have the same problem. Longtime UI5 on a VeraLite just upgraded to UI7 on a new VeraPlus but get this error message “Can’t Detect Device” on the Ademco Vista Alarm P device. The companion device “Ademco Vista Partiti” is happy as can be and will issue commends to my panel to turn on and off the alarm as it did before under UI5.

I tried the update app procedure you mentioned but that didn’t clear the fault.