Addressable LED RGBs

These things have gotten cheap. Anybody control one with Vera? I wouldnt need to be able to setup light plans with Vera, but it would be cool to be able to pick from 3-4 pre programmed modes for parties, etc.


The new Fibaro Z-Wave RGBW Controllers are supposed to work with Vera. They may work for these. perhaps someone else can chime in here. They are now available here in the US, will be in stock in a couple days, here’s a listing, is for sale | HugeDomains

The color changing schemes are part of a small controller module in these kits. There’s no way to make changes or select patterns apart from the infrared remote controller.

The Fibaro RBGW controller(Vesternet has them in stock.) can control the light strip itself, without the color changing controller. You could create your own Vera scenes that have specific color “recipes”.

Your other option is to use the controller that comes with the LED strip and use a Z-Wave receptacle or switch to simply power the LED strip On and Off.

Yea that is what I figured. I was planning on using an off the shelf LED controller (RF) and an appliance module to turn it on and off. there are some decently cheap solutions with link to music, etc.

I was trying to find info on a Fibaro plug in for vera, but only found some tinkering…