Adding yawcam to use any usb-cam as an ip-cam

Yawcam ( is a program which run on windows pc to convert your webcam into an ip-cam. With some non-standard trickery we can get this to work as an ip-cam for the vera light (this is what i have and can test on)

-install yawcam [url=][/url]
-setup a webcam in settings > detect webcam
-look if you see a picture of it on desktop preview window
-goto settings > file
-change the location to C:\users<username>.yawcam\www\stream\snapshot.jpg
-change streaming to mjpg and set to 100% quality
-turn on http, stream and file
-goto intern ip of vera and add ip-cam in devices section
-type the url for the cam : intern-ip:8081 press next
-choose generic ip-cam and type : /snapshot.jpg
-after next u see a picture and you can add the cam
-when cam is shown up as device goto the settings of the device and change in advanced settings the directstreamurl to: video.mjpg
-change the mac adress to the one from the pc/networkcard where the yawcam is running on
-save settings
-check if it working as i have no idea yet what to do where with the camera lol… for recording one needs an account and mac-adres

have fun :slight_smile:

edit: snapshots and device: working ok… videorecord: no idea, i found some time to check recording… it works but when i check archives on link [url=][/url] it gives me a file called : fetch_archive to download which is a few mb’s and downloads pretty fast from mios servers as i lucky bastard have a 100mbit internet connection, but it wont play in vlc didnt check graphedit yet but i presume its got something to do with the format or the filenaming on mios server script.

notes: maybe it works better with java or this other option in yawcam but i didnt get to try yet and im happy it works allready with static images… one can set the snapshot in settings of yawcam to 1 sec if neccesary… vera wont keep up with this i guess.

I know this is an old post, but I’m trying to use Yawcam and Vera but even though I can see the camera when I’m accessing vera through the browser within my network, I can’t see the camera when I’m accessing through a browser from outside my network.

I’m using video.mjpg in both my URL and Streaming settings. I tried removing the MAC address but that didn’t change anything. I also can’t see the camera when accessing with the iphone app.

Any ideas? Thanks a lot!